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1926 During the                                     1962                                      2012

Christmas season                                    Frankton West                     Good George opens its
Frankton Junction                                   re-named                        doors in Frankton using the
carried 400 trains                                  Dinsdale                        historic St Georges church
and 84,000
passengers                                                                               in Somerset Street

                              1945                             1987 Frankton        Classics Museum opens in
                                                                                      Frankton showcasing an
                              Nearly 1,000 rail                    Town Hall
                              employees living                     demolished           amazing collection of
                              in Frankton                                                     classic cars
                                                                   First ‘Frankton
1917 Hamilton   1931 Fire in the   1946 Grand                      Markets’ held

and Frankton    Frankton Hotel     Hotel burns to   1984
Borough         incinerator room   the ground
amalgamated     but little damage                   The Station
                                   Forlong’s opens  Masters house
Frankton                                            relocated to
Saleyards open                     Frankton         the entrance to
                                   Business         the Hamilton
                                   Association      Gardens

                                                                                    2000                          2016

                                                                                1995        2011        2014      After serving
                                                                                                                  the Frankton
                                                                                Five die    Frankton    Hutton’s  and Hamilton
                                                                                in Empire   Primary     Factory   community for
                                                                                Hotel fire  celebrates  closes    over 70 years,
                                                                                            being 100             Forlongs
1922 The House Factory                                              1986                    years old             announces
                                                                                                                  its closure
began production of railway                                         Massey
staff cottages and rail            1948 Frankton    1960s           Street
buildings, producing 8,000                                          Overbridge
feet of dressed timber a day       Tornado strikes  Griffin’s &     opened
                                   causing $2m      Sons factory
                                   in damage        in King Street

                                                                                            The Frankton Neighbourhood Plan       5
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