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                                Surrounded by an extensive green belt, Frankton is a
                                mature suburb tied to Hamilton’s origins with a rich history
                                centred on rail. It functions as an important industrial,
                                commercial, and retail node and is strategically located
                                alongside SH1 and key Hamilton roads.

                                           With a flat topography, Frankton is pedestrian and bike-friendly and easy
                                           to get around. Major sports stadiums, theatres, parks and open spaces and
                                           the central city are within 20 minutes walking distance of Frankton Village.
                                           Its history and diverse, quirky nature make Frankton a suburb with
                                           a difference, unique in our City. Combining commercial and retail
                                           opportunities, a central city lifestyle and visitor attractions, Frankton does
                                           not need to be reinvented just rediscovered. The Frankton Neighbourhood
                                           Plan describes how this can happen.

6 The Frankton Neighbourhood Plan
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